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The automotive industry is undergoing radical changes due to the energy transition, which offers many new possibilities. As an experienced supplier to the automotive industry, we are looking forward to the new challenges and know how to convince our customers, especially in the areas of environment and sustainability.

Example Project:

Armrest Transporter

We produce armrests for seats for the automotive industry. Following a strict production part approval process (PPAP), we manufacture the various parts of the armrests in consistent series quality for the highest demands in terms of colour fidelity, scratch and climate change robustness as well as resistance to bending, ball drop and breakage tests.

Mould Technology
Project Planning
In cooperation with a number of automotive manufacturers, we have been carrying out successful container management for years and are responsible for a smooth production and supply chain.

Knurling Wheel Integration

High-strength and resilient plastic

Cap with surface texture

Food Products

The medium-sized food industry is one of the most important industrial sectors in Germany. Hygiene places special demands on product packaging and containers. Thanks to our fully automated production and assembly, we at Merschbrock can manufacture many products without human contact and thus ensure that the basic hygiene requirements are met.

Example Project:

Spice Grinder

Our spice grinder is our showcase model for complex project planning incl. development of the patented mechanical and assembly technology. The grinder’s degree of grinding is continuously variable. By using different grinding gears from plastic to ceramic, the mill can be manufactured as a disposable product or for reuse.

Spice Mill with Plastic-Ceramic Grinder by Merschbrock Plastic Injection Moulding
Mould Technology
Quality Management
Spice Mill with Plastic-Ceramic Grinder by Merschbrock Plastic Injection Moulding

Disposable and reusable grinding gears made of plastic and ceramic.

Our patented assembly technology enables us to carry out production entirely automatically. Quality control is also fully automated by means of video surveillance. This enables us to produce quantities in the millions. Complemented by our high storage capacities and our own logistics, we can react with utmost flexibility to the requirements of the market and the customers’ needs.
Spice Mill with Plastic-Ceramic Grinder by Merschbrock Plastic Injection Moulding

Various designs &
individual branding

Grinders from
plastic to ceramic

White goods

White goods is a large industrial sector with few participants. The ten largest suppliers claim more than 60 % of the global market. The decisive criteria for a firm standing in this industry are smart networking, environment & energy as well as durability & quality. We come into play for you with the latter.

White goods

White goods is a narrow market. The ten largest suppliers claim more than 60 % of the global market. The decisive criteria for a firm standing in this industry are smart networking, environment & energy as well as durability & quality. We come into play for you with the latter.

Example Project:

Installation Parts

Merschbrock manufactures complexly structured installation parts for high-end industrial washing machines. These must permanently withstand the high and constantly changing temperatures as well as the chemicals of the cleaning agents.

Project Planning
Mould Technology

Merschbrock specialises in the implementation of water-bearing and technical plastic parts. Merschbrock specialises in the implementation of water-bearing and technical plastic parts. We are very familiar with the mechanical and chemical stresses that plastic parts in dryers, washing machines and dishwashers have to withstand.

And we are also ideally positioned for the production of all decorative parts thanks to our extensive galvanisation, painting and printing options.


Social trends like the increase of urbanisation and the simultaneous rise of the home office offer interesting market opportunities for the furniture industry through new product solutions. Merschbrock has decades of experience in the realisation of decorative and heavy-duty furniture parts made of plastic. We offer solutions, whether surface design or ready-to-install assemblies, from a single source.

Example Project:

Lumbar Adjustment System

Merschbrock is a supplier for high-quality office furniture. For office chairs, we manufacture various parts of the complex lumbar adjustment system, which can be used to modify the shape of the backrest.

The product was developed together with the customer. The components are produced by Merschbrock and fully pre-assembled for installation in the office chair.


Complex internal
knurled metal

Mechanically highly stressable

manual assembly

Elektrical Sector

The world is becoming digital and fewer and fewer products can do entirely without electronics. It is therefore not surprising that the electrical industry is the largest industrial sector in Germany after mechanical engineering. The industry has high demands on enclosures and other components made of plastic. Merschbrock fabricates precision components for well-known manufacturers in the electrical industry.

Example Project:

Enclosure Component

This precision enclosure for control components, manufactured and delivered by us, has very thin walls made from flame-resistant plastic and is ready-labelled by pad printing.

The enclosure has minimal draft angles in order to make the best possible use of the available installation space. The low tolerances ensure excellent use of the component further down the assembly chain and allow stackable assembly.

Plastic Enclosure Components by Merschbrock Plastic Injection Moulding

Flame-resistant material

Surface finishing
by means of pad printing

Trains & Tracks

The German railway network is over 33,000 km long. More than one billion kilometres are travelled on it every year. This is a burden on the track network that can only be tackled with well-designed high-quality products.

Example Project:


For the German railway track network, we manufacture the specially developed railway track dowel for connecting rails and railway sleepers. Due to the significant forces acting on it, the dowel has high requirements in terms of load-bearing capacity of the material and, as part of traffic engineering, also in terms of safety and reliability of course.

As a result of the massive loads and forces, high demands are placed on the dowel to ensure safety and material resistance in the long term.

Thanks to our fully automated production and reliable processes, we are able to produce the required quantities in the millions in consistently high quality. The shape and structure specifically designed for its application in combination with a glass fibre-plastic mixture ensure the high load-bearing capacity and durability of the dowel.

High material resilience

Surface roughness according to VDI 3400


Hardly any other sector is developing as dynamically as the health sector. Medical technology in the areas of economy, technology and research has one of the most significant shares in this sector. The need for sterile disposable products requires cost-efficient production in often extremely high quantities. For this, Merschbrock has been a reliable partner for years.

Example Project:

Screw Caps

Merschbrock manufactures special plastic caps for the glass containers of chemical analytical products as part of the lab equipment. Our focus here is on the production of several million articles per year of consistent and required quality and the involved warehouse and logistics chain.

Versatile screw cap systems

Mechanical Engineering

Globalisation and technological progress are causing continuous structural change all over the world. New production facilities are being built at new locations and mechanical engineering as Germany’s export champion is always at the forefront. The combination of plastic injection moulding technology and mechanical engineering offers endless, ever new possibilities.

Example Project:

Cable Drum Dispenser

For the mechanical engineering industry, Merschbrock manufactures the plastic parts of the high-quality CHAMPION 52, a cable drum dispenser made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide and aluminium. Due to the heavy-duty plastic mixture, the product weighs only 7,200 g with a surface area of just under 60 x 60 cm and has a very high load-bearing capacity nonetheless. Thanks to our development of the honeycomb structure matched to the load, the material is used economically and at the same time optimally.

Cable Drum Dispenser
Production Hall of Merschbrock Kunststoff Spritzguss
Cable dispenser from Merschbrock plastic injection moulding

Honeycomb structure

Glass fibre reinforced

200 kg load capacity with only
7,200 g product weight

Consumer Goods

In the field of lifestyle products, new innovations are entering the market on an almost daily basis. How quickly and successfully a product establishes itself is not only dependent on good marketing, but also the result of carefully considered product development. Merschbrock will support you with professional project planning right from the start.

Example Project 1:

BOB The Bottle Buddy

The BOB is a patented product co-developed by Merschbrock for easy pick-up and transport of beverage bottles. The special mechanism with spring system and freely injected moving parts makes for a sophisticated gadget which at the same time is extremely robust.

Project Planning
Mould Technology
Manual Assembly
BOB bottle carrier in colour combinations
BOB bottle carrier in colour combinations
BOB bottle carrier in colour combinations

The individual components of the BOB bottle carrier can be configured individually in their colour combinations, which makes the BOB particularly attractive as an advertising medium.

BOB bottle carrier in colour combinations

Individually configurable product colours

Internal spring system
made completely of plastic

Freely moulded moving parts

Example Project 2:

Haralds Krone

Haralds Krone turns any soft drink into a long drink by simply clipping it onto the beverage bottle. The flavoured, alcohol-filled drink capsule is the hip lifestyle product for parties and casual occasions. Merschbrock developed the patented capsule in close cooperation with the customer.

Project Planning
Storage & Logistics

The “Haralds Krone” beverage capsule is made of 100 % food-grade plastic, does not require any additives thanks to laser welding technology and is printed with food colouring. It is 100% recyclable.

Haralds Krone Vodka Drink Capsule

Integrated TPU seal

Laser welded

Laser transparent and
absorbent paint